Our Volunteers

DSUK South East Group does not receive any funding and is run entirely by volunteers.


SpikeSpike our head BASI adaptive ski instructor. Originally a ski instructor for The British Army, Spike has many years of adaptive ski instruction experience and covers

sessions at both Bowles and Chatham slopes.

KimKim our second BASI qualified adaptive ski instructor & Chatham session organiser

RichardRichard one of our ski helpers. Ski helpers will work with beginner skiers or as buddies 1:1 once someone has got the hang of skiing.

John T is our long time helper and Bowles Slope orgianiser

FionaFiona  also a long standing Ski helper.

Rob is an instructor volunteer at our Chatham sessions

PeterPeter also a regular Ski helper and committee member.

John R  a regular Ski helper.

JaneJane  is another Ski helper.

James a long time regular Ski helper at both Bowles and Chatham sessions.

WarwickWarwick  is our group treasurer.

ParaigParaig our website admin and very helpfully sets up skis.

Emmanuelle is an instructor volunteer at our Chatham sessions

Dave is an instructor volunteer at our Chatham sessions

Luca  one of our regular helpers.

Sarah-Jayne committee member

Without our amazing volunteers we would not have a group, and we thank each of them.


New volunteers are most welcome and should contact Spike at  Spike.Davidson@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk


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