Our Skiers

DSUK welcomes all skiers who identify or describe themselves as having a disability, whether that is physical, neuro-developmental or learning disability and who require adaptive teaching / coaching methods or adaptive equipment.
Our skiers cover a wide age range, child, young person and adult. Our instructors are experienced in working with a wide range of disabilities including (but not limited to)

  • Downs Syndrome
  • Hearing or Visually Impaired
  • Learning Disability
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Cerebal Palsy and physical disability

We welcome complete beginners to able skiers. In order to cover such a wide range of needs and styles it is essential that you book into each session so that you aren’t disappointed.

Currently we book the slope for three hours at Chatham and two hours at Bowles, when you are starting out it can be exhausting, as your ability and stamina increase you can build up to skiing for longer each time . Our qualified BASI adaptive instructors will recognise when it’s the right time to end the session, so that you finish at a good point and want to come back for more!


The Bowles & Chatham session price is currently £10 per skier plus DSUK membership. Three temporary memberships can be bought for £2.50 each at the club. After this you need to buy an annual membership from DSUK Head Office http://www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk/  Please bring your membership card to each session.

What to bring

  • £12.50 (£10 with a DSUK membership card)
  • Ski/thick socks if stand up skiing and securely fastened shoes/boots if sit skiing.
  • Long trousers that have a wide bottom so they go OVER the ski boot.
  • Long sleeves, jacket (a cagoule is fine) and long sleeve fleece and or long sleeve T shirt (layers are good.
  • Arms and legs must be covered all the time.
  • Long socks.
  • Thick gloves or mittens.
  • A sports helmet (a cycle helmet is fine). Helmets must be worn at all times on the slope.
  • We recommend bringing a drink and snack.

If a skier is able to transport themselves to the slope they are welcome to attend alone. For skiers who cannot arrive independently we ask that their carer remains at the slope for the duration of the session. Bring a warm coat in the winter!

We are a small group, run by volunteers, at present both the Saturday and Sunday groups have capacity for a varying number of skiers dependent on helpers but usually 4-5 skiers per session.

We are unable to offer a session dedicated to an existing club, looking for a whole club activity.
Please see our calendar page for dates and how to book a place. We look forward to welcoming you.