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The lovely Brydie, who has helped DSUK groups at both Folkestone and Bowles has been selected to join the GB National Snowcross team – success doesn’t come cheaply. Are you able to put a small amount in Brydie’s Just Giving account and help crowd fund her?

My name is Brydie Bailey and I am 18 years of age. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you, as I am looking for sponsorship and was hoping you would be willing to help or know of anyone that would be interested in sponsoring me.

I have just been selected to join the GB National Snow Boarder Cross Team (GB SBX). Boarder cross is a snowboard competition in which four to six snowboarders race down a course. Boarder cross courses are typically quite narrow and include cambered turns, various types of jumps, berms, rollers, drops, steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders’ ability to stay in control while maintaining maximum speed. It is not uncommon for racers to collide with each other mid-race! It’s an exciting spectator sport and one that attracts a lot of attention, since its inclusion in the Winter Olympics.

Competition format is typically a time trial followed by a knock-out tournament. The GB National SBX team consists of 3 levels: Home Nations Academy, National Academy and National squad.  The Home Nations Academy is predominantly UK based the National Academy and National Squad is snow based.

I have won a place in the National Academy and will be representing GB whilst competing in International competitions during the coming season. I will be competing in the International Ski Federation competitions. After this, the next step is the European Cup followed by the World Cup and Olympic Games. I am determined to do well and firmly have the Olympics in my sight.

About Me

I was first introduced to Snowsports by an inspirational, specialist dyslexia teacher at 10 years of age. Academic learning at school has been a challenge for me, as I am severely dyslexic; from the age of 10 I have attended several special needs schools, reading and writing has not been easy for me to learn.

Being honest, I do find day to day activities really difficult and I have to work twice as hard to achieve what comes naturally for most people, but this is what has made me the determined, resilient person I am today.

Since being introduced to snowboarding, I have never looked back. It began as a relaxing hobby to take my mind off education; however I have thrived within this sport, showing a natural ability that has been harnessed and developed through years of coaching, and my own hard-work and commitment. Selection to the GB Snowboard Cross team is an amazing opportunity and is the reward for my continued dedication.

I need to raise £6000.00 to pay for me to go on the training program which will run from the 1st of October 2017 to the end of March 2018. I look forward to taking part in an array of different competitions representing my country at the highest level. I am still a student at the moment and in between studying a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport at Moor House College, I have worked at Folkestone Ski Centre as a snow board and skiing instructor. I have successfully raised money for my travel, food, insurances and kit; including my board, helmet, boots and back protector. I am really hoping that sponsors will help me raise £6000.00 to cover the training fee, accommodation, and the expert coaching to develop me further as an athlete.

If you are able to make a company sponsorship I would be very happy to promote your company through visual representation, this could include, logo stickers on my board or helmet, I would be very happy to discuss endorsing any of your products, and I will keep you updated on my progress on a personal level and via my Just Giving Page.

I have been a volunteer with DSUK South East Group and they have kindly said they will provide me a page on their website, where I can also list my sponsors.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and hope you can consider sponsoring me, either at or by email .

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Kind regards,

Brydie Bailey