Calendar of Events

Session Dates

DSUK South East Group work very closely with DSUK Bowles and Folkestone, you will find lots of the same faces at both groups.

All the Saturday dates are arranged by John at DSUK Bowles & Folkestone (also £10 per skier – boots, poles and skis provided. Bring your own helmet and protective clothing).

The Sunday dates are arranged by Jane & Richard at DSUK South East Group.

Sunday Hemel dates are also arranged by Jane & Richard – skiers attending Hemel must be able to control speed and direction, perform linked turns, stop when required and use the button lift.

Currently we offer sit skiing and independent skiers sessions at Chatham.

15 Sep Saturday 5-7 Bowles
30 Sep Sunday 10-12 Chatham
13 Oct Saturday 5-7 Bowles
14 Oct Sunday 10-12 Bowles
28 Oct Sunday 10-12 Chatham
10 Nov Saturday 5-7 Bowles
11 Non Sunday 10-12 Bowles
25 Nov Sunday 10-12 Bowles
2 Dec Sunday 10-12 Chatham
8 Dec Saturday 5-7 Bowles
12 Jan Saturday 5-7 Bowles
9 Feb Saturday 5-7 Bowles
9 Mar Saturday 5-7 Bowles
6 Apr Saturday 5-7 Bowles
11 May Saturday 5-7 Bowles

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